Thermodynamics is a phenomenological theory that allows the investigation of equilibrium properties of macroscopic objects. Based on fundamental measurable quantities - heat and work - it provides a universal framework to study the conversion of different forms of energy. Introduced 150 years ago, at the beginning of the industrial revolution, to analyze and improve the performance of the newly invented steam engine, it has been successfully applied since then to design a great variety of useful devices, from car engines and refrigerators to power plants and solar cells. In a famous quote, Einstein once hailed it as "the only physical theory of universal content concerning which I am convinced that, within the framework of the applicability of its basic concepts, it will never be overthrown".

The Malta meeting will follow on from the previous working group meetings, serving to highlight and discuss results and questions relating to one specific working group of the action or to topics that cut across groups. This meeting will be organised along the lines of the three main themes addressed by the action: Thermalisation, information in thermodynamics, and implementations. Sessions that tie these themes together will also serve to provide a bird's eye view of the work achieved by this network, and the major questions that still remain open, as the half-way point of MP1209 is passed.

How to attend and contribute

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André Xuereb of the University of Malta is in charge of the local organisation for this conference. If you have any questions or comments please send the organising team directly an email at:

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Organisation and Funding

This conference is being organised by the COST MP1209 network "Thermodynamics in the Quantum Regime". The lead organiser on behalf of the network is André Xuereb of the University of Malta.

Thermodynamics in the Quantum Regime





Local Organisation

André Xuereb

Lucienne May Bugeja

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Alison Darmanin

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Stephanie Wehner (Chair)

Christian Gogolin

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